Ina Raymundo Diet Plan

The Iconic Ina Raymundo

Ina, the petite 5 feet and 4 inch beauty may forever be known as the “Sabado Nights” girl from the commercial advertisement video that came out in the 80’s for San Miguel Beer, a popular Philippine beer brand recognized internationally. That ad played for a long time on TV and she quickly became one of the hottest Filipinas of her time. She was an overnight star. With numbers of followers and fans increasing, offers for sexy films came. She did some and they were huge successes.

She went into hiatus for many years, then came back to do a role on the Telenovella, “Marimar.” Being away from the limelight for quite a long time (over a decade long), Pinoys were wowed and just so amazed at how she managed to keep her sexy figure. Her beauty was appealing as ever and even at a more mature age, she still captivated audiences of varied ages. Many more were actually surprised to find out that she was reaching 40 years old, married, and a mum to 5 children, 2 of which are teenagers already. She is married to Brian Poturnak, a Canadian financial consultant.

Naturally, questions about her fitness style kept coming up and those she freely gave insight to.

Ina’s Fitness and Diet Plan

Ina makes a point to spend at least 5 days of intentional workouts weekly. Three days are for Zumba dance workouts. She is also into boxing and TRX exercise twice weekly. She lifts weights in the gym. Another thing that helps keep her fit is her conscious effort to eat healthy. She believes that a fit body is mainly achieved in the kitchen, not the gym. She counts calories and makes a habit of eating 6 small, portioned meals for optimum metabolism. She also explained one time that she follows a diabetic plan- one that is less on sugar and less on carbs. This started when she was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, a condition pregnant women can get where sugar levels spike. The diet chart prescribed to her during pregnancy started her on a habit of eating healthy food. She also eats a lot of protein and stays well hydrated. She restricts herself to 2 fruit servings each meal. That’s about 1 large piece of fruit.

Ina actually has cheat days. She would still consume “forbidden foods” but in moderation. Holidays like Christmas would have her eating outside of her diet chart and without workout. But she would make it a point not to overextend it. When the celebrations are gone and over with, she gets back onto her fitness routine and cuts back to 6 small meals. This, she calls as “resetting”.

An article about her was also covered by CNN Philippines, around the time she did a cover for a men’s magazine sometime in 2015. Fully toned and flawless, her beauty and appeal seemed ageless. This 2017, she’ll be gracing another cover as well. You can catch photos of her shoot via her Instagram account here.  

Asked about what makes a person sexy, Ina expressed that she strongly believes sexiness comes with fitness. There is no essential need for a show of skin to exude it. You can prove your sexiness just with the ability to be physically active without running out of steam, to do things without losing air.

For Ina, health is most important. To be free from sickness is much better than being well-off materially. When you are healthy, you are immune to sicknesses, your mood is overall good, and you feel well energized. Sleeping also comes natural and is sufficient, there is no need for pills to get you to fall sleep. The body and mind are well rested.

Ina Raymundo strongly considers healthy eating as the most important factor to staying fit. She believes that when one eats healthy food, there’s a feeling of lightness; then, working out becomes easier. A good-looking body is achieved just about 30 percent in the gym but 70 percent in the kitchen.

Her thrust for health and fitness is very encouraging. Posing for the cover of FHM, starring in a number of hit TV series like: “Marimar”, “All of Me”, and “The Millionaire’s Wife”; she has really become a strong and credible visual challenge to men and women (especially) out there to get into a healthy and active lifestyle. She maintains a weight of about 112 pounds and she has retained her 1999 figure of 35-26-35 that she boldly showcased in the 1999 sex flick “Burlesk Queen Ngayon”, a film by Director Celso Ad Castillo.

Ina’s Typical Meal Plan

Ina candidly shares her usual eating habits. It’s nothing out of the ordinary nor is it expensive. Check it out below:

For daily breakfast, she goes heavy. She has 1 cup of cereal with 1 cup of fat-free skimmed milk. She also eats a piece of whole wheat bread with 3 egg whites. She doesn’t eat rice nor fried rice for breakfast. She doesn’t recommend juices in the morning especially if you are diabetic as they tend to be high in sugar.

For lunch, she normally takes fish, chicken breast, and the like. She would have beef stew or chicken soup once a week. She loves soup. Sour broth with fish meat or beef, she adores. She prefers sour food over salty or sweet food dishes.

For snacks, she has wheat bread + 1 tbs. peanut butter and a piece of banana. She eats snacks mid morning, mid afternoon, and has a bedtime snack.

For dinner, she also eats heavy. She consumes heavy protein. She varies dishes between chicken, beef, or fish. She always eats 1 cup of fruit or 1 small apple.

Ina also supplements her diet with Vitamin C and Calcium Citrate. She looks up to Halle Berry as a good inspiration who indeed, is undoubtedly hot for her age of 50 years. Check out some personal comments from Ina in her interview with a Philippine publication article from the Philippine Star.

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